The Amigos is the group who has occupation to singing and dancing.And they are the Adelie penguins..

The Amigos Members Edit


Ramon is the leader of Amigos.He is the one who meets Mumble,and also help him.Like singing to him by singing "My Way" to interesting Mumble's love interest,Gloria.He is voiced by Aaron Espinoza

Nestor Edit

Nestor is the second member of The Amigos and he is a farmer in his free time.He also the best singer of the group.And also like the others,trying to stop Ramon if Ramon do something which one make someone gets hurts.Nestor has a little spike hair in his head.He is voiced by Carlos Alazraqui.


Raul is the third member of Amigos.He is the member who doesn't has a little hair.Like Nestor,he is like to singing.Like rapping in Gloria's heartsong,Boogie Wonderland.He is voiced by Lombardo Boyar.


Lombardo is the fourth member of The Amigos.He has a smiliar body with one of Amigos member,named Rinaldo.Has same height and the same hair in his head.He is voiced by Johny Sanchez III.

Sea BassEdit

Sea Bass is the fifth member of The Amigos.He is very much to stopping Ramon from trying to hurting anyone.He is voiced by Jeff Garcia.

Gallery Edit

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