Noah the Elder

Noah the Elder is the ageing patriach in Emperor-Land.He is the oldest character from Happy Feet movie.

Movie Appearances Edit

Happy Feet Edit

Noah leads the males in the endless night.And he make a huddle in Emperor-Land.And he also knows about Mumble can't singing a single note.So he kicked out Mumble from Emperor-Land,with his friends too,The Amigos.Then when Mumble back,he interested to following Mumble dancing,and finally he dancing happily.

Happy Feet TwoEdit

Noah still leads the Emperor-Land,and he not  appear very much  in the second movie.Because Noah is the secondary character in Happy Feet Two.

Personality Edit

Noah is very like as government worker.And also leads very wise. He sometimes blames on Mumble for the lack of fish and has a strong sense what is right and wrong.

Voice Cast Edit

Noah is voiced by Hugo Weaving

Friends Edit

Eggbert: Noah's best friend

The Elders: Noah's servants.

Trivia Edit

Noah has a best friend named Eggbert.

Noah's gender is a male.

Noah is voiced by Hugo Weaving who did Redskull who was the main antagonist of from the Marvel series Captain America.

Noah's species is either a Emeperor or King Penguin.

Noah is the leader of the Elders.