Happy Feet Mrs Viola

Miss Viola is the character from Happy Feet and Happy Feet Two. She also the teacher of Emperor-Land.

Movie Appearances Edit

Happy FeetEdit

Miss Viola is the teacher from Emperor-Land who teaches Baby Mumble, Baby Gloria, Baby Seymour and other chicks. After she heard Mumble trying to show his heartsong, she was suprised by his song and tell to his parents Norma Jean and Memphis about give Mumble to Mrs Astrakhan,one of best singer before Gloria.

Happy Feet TwoEdit

Mrs Viola seen has a daughter named Boadicia.She very care about her sweet daughter.And after Boadicia escape with Atticus and Erik following Ramon to Adelie-Land,and back again to Emperor-Land.Miss Viola find his daughter,out of Emperor-Land with Atticus,Erik,and Erik's father,Mumble.

Personality Edit

Miss Viola is a teacher who trying to hear every chicks heartsong.Beacuse she told to all chicks about she can't give or teachs every chick to show their heartsong.She only can give lessons about "find the heartsong".

Voice Cast Edit

Miss Viola is voiced by Magda Szubanski.

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