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Movies Edit

Happy FeetEdit

Happy Feet is th first movie in Happy Feet series.And about the emperor penguin named Mumble,who face being different.He transform into hero and tells about "aliens" in the story.Mumble meets some friends in there,like Gloria,Seymour,Mrs Viola,and more.Happy Feet released at November 17 th 2006.

Happy Feet TwoEdit

Happy Feet Two is the sequel from Happy Feet.And about Mumble and Gloria's son,Erik,is reluctant to
Sven Happy Feet Two

The Mighty Sven

dancing.Erik runs away and meets The Mighty Sven.A penguin who can fly.Erik just believe with Sven,and doesn't have to care with his father.Mumble.Happy Feet Two released at November 18 th 2011.

Happy Feet ThreeEdit

Happy Feet Three is the possible sequel from Happy Feet Two.Still unknown about release date,and story of Happy Feet Three.

Cast and Characters Edit

For the cast,see List of Happy Feet voice cast.

For the characters,see List of characters.

Character Voice Cast Happy Feet Happy Feet Two Happy Feet Three
Mumble Elijah Wood Appear Appear Unknown (PossbilyAppear)
Ramon Robin Williams Appear Appear Unknown (Possbly appear)
Brittany Murphy and Alecia Moore(P!NK)Edit
Appear Appear Unknown (possibly appear)
Erik Ava Acres Silent and Uncredited Cameo Appear Unknown (possbly appear)
Boadicia Meibh Campbell Not appear Appear Unknwon (possibly appear)
Atticus Lil-P'Nut Not Appear Appear Unknown(possibly appear)
Memphis Hugh Jackman Appear Uncredited Cameo Not appear
Norma Jean Nicole Kidman Appear Uncredited Cameo Not appear
Nestor Carlos Alazraqui Appear Appear Unknown
Raul Lombardo Boyar Appear Appear Unknown
Lomabardo Johny A Sanchez Appear Appear Unknown
Rinaldo Jeffrey Garcia Appear Appear Unknown
Noah the Elder Hugo Weaving Appear Appear Unknown
Seymour Fat Joe and Common Appear Appear Unknown (possibly appear)
Will the Krill Brad Pitt Not appear Appear Unknown
Bill the Krill Matt Damon Not appear Appear Unknown
Carmen Sofia Vergara Not appear Appear Unknown (possibly appear)
Miss Viola Magda Szubanski Appear Appear Unknown
The Mighty Sven Hank Azaria Not appear Appear Unknown (possibly appear)
Lovelace Robin Williams Appear Appear Unknown
Bryan the Beach Master Richard Carter Not appear Appear Unknown
Boss Skua/AlphaSkua Anthony LaPaglia Appear Appear Not appear

Third Movie Edit

Main Article : Happy Feet Three

The Sequel of Happy Feet Two,is Happy Feet Three(or maybe the tittle is Happy Feet 3).Will released at future.And still unknown about the story and the release date.But the film is still setting in Antarctica,also some people thinks,Happy Feet Three will released at 2016,2017,or 2018.

Happy Feet Three is still the possible sequel.And the sequel will be release at future,or Happy Feet Three will not released yet.

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