Bo Happy Feet Two

Boadicia is the character from Happy Feet Two. She is very sweetest chick in Emperor-Land.

Movie Appearances Edit

Happy Feet TwoEdit

Boadicia is the daughter of Mrs Viola,she was in the party,with Erik and Atticus.They are trying to dancing,but Erik one,was falling and get embarassed.Boadicia let Atticus and Erik follow Ramon return back to Adelie-Land.

Later,she was not trapped in Emperor-Land,with Mumble,and his two friends.

Personality Edit

Boadicia is sweet,cute,and nicely.She never leaving his two friends,Erik and Atticus.And also completely nice with his smiliar face with Gloria as a chick.

Voice Cast Edit

Boadicia is voiced by Meibh Campbell.

Relatives Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Boadicia has a same face with Gloria when chick.
  • Boadicia seems in love with than Erik.
  • She is only Mrs Viola's daughter.
  • Erik love Boadicia.
  • Boadicia shortname is Bo.
  • Boadicia has a smiliar body with Gloria as chick,not only has a smiliar face with her.